How Penn State Greek Reforms Have Positively Impacted State College Neighbors

New measures put in place to curb dangerous activities in Greek life at Penn State have, in part, led to a calmer and quieter existence in the Highlands neighborhood, where most fraternity houses are located.

"Penn State's recent reforms with respect to Greek life have helped improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods in an immense and meaningful way," Mayor Don Hahn said in a statement. "I am appreciative of the Penn State administration, especially President Eric Barron and Vice President for Student Affairs Damon Sims, for seeing the need to and following through on the commitment to change the Greek system for the better. I look forward to continuing to work with Penn State, its fraternities, its students and alumni, and our community members to continue to make positive strides forward for both Penn State and State College."

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Hear From A Recent Phi Who

Phi Kappa Theta Endows Skills and Opportunities

“Why did I join? I actually had a really good friend at Penn State – he was a year older than me … and so he really got us into it, and brought us around. … Then we saw the place, we loved the house and loved a lot of the brothers and so we decided to stick around,” says Matthew Rappaport '12 of his Phi Kappa Theta experience. Find out why.

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