Phi Kappa Theta Bolsters Lifetime Skills For Navy Man

“I rushed more than a few houses, but didn’t find the kind of atmosphere that I felt at PKT. I came to Penn State on a Navy [Reserves Officers Training Corps] scholarship. One of the upperclassmen in NROTC was already a brother. That helped make my decision for me. That person became my big brother as well,” says Stan Allsopp '70, referring to Dave Gondak '68.

When asked about his fraternity experience, Stan responds enthusiastically.

“It was a blast! The brotherhood was a diverse group of guys, and all of them were good people and became good friends as well. We had a great social program, teamed with several sororities on projects [and had] good food from the kitchen. And, the parties!” he says.

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Barron discusses Greek life reform as part of New York Times forum

Penn State President Eric Barron discussed national challenges and reform efforts related to hazing and Greek life on May 31, as part of the New York Times Higher Ed Leaders Forum. Barron joined author and Bloomberg reporter John Hechinger on the panel, which was moderated by Stephanie Saul, investigative reporter for the New York Times. Barron emphasized the critical need for a coordinated, national effort among universities and communities to increase student safety, reduce dangerous behaviors and hold Greek-letter organizations accountable. Click HERE to view the video "The Riddle of Greek Life."

*Courtesy of Penn State News

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