The Impact of Beta Gamma: Brothers Weigh In

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In last month’s e-letter, we sent out a survey to our Beta Gamma alumni. Now, we’d like to thank those who answered and share their responses with you! Here is a response form Brother Matthew Rappaport '12. If you’d like to weigh in yourself, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we’ll include it in our next e-letter! 

“What kind of impact did Beta Gamma make on your life after PSU? Friendships? The leadership you learned at the house? Something else? What's stuck with you? Weigh in!” 

Matthew Rappaport '12

“Phi Kappa Theta helped me to establish personal connections with friends in almost every major metro around the country. Even if we weren't close during our time at Penn State, I don't hesitate to reach out to brothers I'd had a relationship with, when visiting a new/different city. Being able to activate that kind of a latent/dormant network is an awesome thing. Phi Who has also given me an anchor when returning to campus. It's always nice to go back and still feel that there's a place for you - if only to reminisce and drink a few beers for an hour or two.

Some of my closest friends are alumni brothers. Many of my Phi Kappa Theta relationships are strong while nearly all of my non-fraternity friendships have faded. The House has been an important social glue for myself and many others. And that's something that's hard to appreciate the impact of while still in school. But I think many guys 4+ years out will agree with me. 

I learned that in a leadership position you have to claim accountability even for those individuals and circumstances which are not entirely under your control. And that you must account for the consequences/fallout from actions by individuals over whom you may have very little control. This is just a fact of life and a chief challenge of being in a management position. This is the fuel for process improvement and innovation. An additional leadership lesson I learned while at the house: focus on the big picture - and do those things well - and the little/ancillary things will fall into place. As a house, get good grades, focus on philanthropies, focus on brotherhood, maintain and invest into the house, etc. and the pride, and sense of accomplishment, and social aspect will follow.”

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