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A Few Brothers Have Spoken.

You answered five brief questions in a survey last month. Here is what you said:


What is your fondest memory of being part of Phi Kappa Theta?

  • The close bond and brotherhood we had and lifetime friendships it yielded.
  • Brotherhood and Parties.
  • Too many to count. Formals, day-longs, but also leadership opportunities and challenges. Great all-around experience.

What are the top 3 things you gained from your Phi Kappa Theta experience?

  • Lifelong friends, leadership skills, learning the power of collaboration/teamwork
  • Friends, Better decision making, Leadership - influencing a group
  • Invaluable experience leading, managing and coaching groups of my peers - A group of friends for (hopefully) life - A home away from home in State College

How would your life be different today if you had never joined Phi Kappa Theta?

  • Wouldn’t have many of my best and closest friends today are Phi Who brothers
  • Not known power of brotherhood

Share an update (family, career, hobbies, other interesting news) for possible publication in an upcoming mailing.

  • Living in State College full time as of 2017 Re-elected this May for my third term to the Board of Trustees of Penn State University Member of the University Greek Life Task Force

As an alumni association, we strive to keep you connected with the Beta Gamma chapter long after graduation. What could we do to encourage you to become more active in the association? Perhaps by hosting more fun events? Any other advice?

  • More events perhaps. Frankly, the condition of the house the last two times I was there was so bad I hesitate to go there anymore.
  • More chapter news and continuing alumni events at house; buying block of football tickets for alums
  • Regional events on the East Coast. The alumni/holiday formals were always a great time when I was an undergrad... but I haven't heard very much about these events since graduating. I would definitely come back for one.

Thank you for sharing your memories and your opinions. Your words mean something to us, brothers. We have heard you and will act on your advice.

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