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When you walked around the tailgating lots at Beaver Stadium during football season last year, did you notice the big white tents expertly organized on Little Jeffrey field? Maybe you asked yourself—like I did—“Whose tailgate is that?” and “How can I get invited?”

Well, everyone here at asked the same question, so I went hunting for the answer. Turns out those white tents were built by the Tailgate Guys, a business that specializes in—you guessed it—tailgates. And, having your next tailgate there is so easy. Head to their website, send them an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give them a call at 814-933-4100 to book your tailgate for either the entire season or just one game.

So what makes the Tailgate Guys experience unique? Well, the company does just about everything for you. From setting up your tent, finding caterers to curb your appetite, carrying your corn hole and kan jam sets across the parking lot and everything in between, the Tailgate Guys are there to make your game day experience the envy of everyone else.

“We don’t want the guest to really have to do anything,” said Gary Nettles, Tailgate Guys General Manager and Pennsylvania native.

You can’t deny that game day tailgates in Happy Valley are unrivaled, but you also can't deny that they aren’t always stress-free. Between finding the perfect place to set up your tent, to cooking food for the day, to trying to communicate with friends when there’s no cell phone service no matter how awkwardly you hold your phone in the air, tailgating fun can be overshadowed by the hard work you have to put into it.

“Tailgating is just such a unique thing where at the end of the day, it’s meant for people to be able to relax, hang out and share in the fun of their passion, which is Penn State football,” Nettles expressed. “Its one of those things where that could get diminished if your trying to coordinate everything.”

The Tailgate Guys experience is unique, with service at the core of everything they do. From the moment you inquire about a tailgate to the minute you drive home from your day at Beaver Stadium, the Tailgate Guys team is with you every step of the way.

Currently, the company offers four tailgate packages designed to suit different needs and parties. These packages include tents, tables, chairs and a premium reserved location. You can also request full media packages, so you can analyze the Big Ten competition—but what competition is there, really—before Penn State kicks off.

The Tailgate Guys have also partnered with several local businesses to provide catering and beverage options. Although the official list of 2018 caterers has yet to be announced, you can bet that some local favorites will be available.

“We wanted to keep the local flair so people really get the State College experience because we really are here for the community. I think the caterers we are bringing on really will highlight a true tailgating experience,” said Nettles.

Don’t see a package that suits you? No worries! Nettles and the rest of the tailgate team can customize your experience to meet all your wants and needs.

Nettles is currently working with a client who is hosting a 200-person family reunion on a game day this year. He asked himself, “How do you make it [so] that it's more than just a tent set up?” He came up with a multiple tent layout with a courtyard in the middle. That way, the family can gather, play games and reunite in the space.

It’s going the extra mile and putting the customer first that sets Tailgate Guys apart. While the business started at Auburn University in Alabama and has been around for about 10 years, this year marks only their second season at Penn State. While there are many things to love in Happy Valley, the powerful Penn State fan base is what attracted them to our college town, according to Nettles.

“I think it was just the passion of Penn State fans. I grew up in Pennsylvania. I went to plenty of Penn State games. I’ve been all over the country, and it really is an anomaly. I know Penn State fans know how fortunate they are, but I don’t know if they really, on the whole landscape, know how fortunate they are.

“One, they have a fantastic football team. Two, just the tailgating atmosphere. This is very unique to the college space.”

If you are like me, you might forget that State College becomes the third largest city in the state on gamedays. That’s nothing short of epic. Our fans, our football team, our traditions are unlike any other—shouldn’t our tailgates be unrivaled too?  

The Tailgate Guys have been rapidly expanding their reach over the past few years. Two years ago they were stationed at six campuses. Last year, 16. Now, they are proud to support fans at 32 universities across the country. In addition to working with collegiate teams, the Tailgate Guys also work with teams in the NFL, MLB and the MLS.

When the Penn State Football season comes to close, with hopefully a championship title under our belt, Tailgate Guys still offers their services to other entertainment events. They hosted tailgates at a Kenny Chesney concert earlier this summer, threw a backyard barbeque for a customer and organized a Hollywood movie premier on Auburn University’s campus. So, even when Happy Valley isn’t a sea of blue and white, you can still get your tailgating fix.

Penn State fans like you are unlike any other fans in the country. That’s why you deserve a customized tailgating experience. The Tailgate Guys is still booking for several games this season so be sure to give them a call if you are interested.

So, will you be walking by the tents on Little Jeffrey this season or will you be tailgating in them? Don’t forget to show us how you tailgate on social media all season long!

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