Have an Opportunity to Join a Fraternity? Jack Metzer ’56 Says, Do It!

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Have an Opportunity to Join a Fraternity? Jack Metzer ’56 Says, Do It!When Jack Metzer ’56 joined Phi Kappa Theta at Penn State, he didn’t know any of the brothers at the time, but was attracted to the fraternity’s Catholic status. He soon found his place, though, making lifetime friends and describing Phi Kappa Theta as “a good fraternity with good people.”

“It was a good experience and it beat the heck out of living in an apartment in town,” he says. “You had the camaraderie and the social events and the academic help. There were a lot of benefits you otherwise wouldn’t receive. You were in with 40 guys, and you had support, friendships, always something to do. It was a good social and educational experience.”

Some of Metzer’s most memorable moments from his college days include the fraternity parties.

“We had some good times. We had a St. Patrick’s Day party every year. Everybody on campus was invited, though the school was a lot smaller in those days. We went through 16 or 17 halves of green beer. Quite a few people attended, because of the open invitation, a couple hundred probably,” he says.

Metzer also played varsity lacrosse while at Penn State, though he admits the sport wasn’t as popular while he was there, and it was pretty easy to walk on and make the team. After college, he went into the army for two years, then worked with Ford Motor Company in sales for 16 years. He bought a Ford dealership in 1975, which he still owns, in Danville, Pa., along with his son.

In regards to how being a Phi Kappa impacted his future success, Metzer references the social skills he and his Brothers developed. “You mingled with other people and you were gregarious,” he says.

These days, though retired, he still spends a lot of time at his Ford dealership, and also enjoys staying at his condo in Florida in the winter months.

To sum up his Phi Kappa experience, he says, “Everyone’s experience is different. Mine was a good experience, and I hope everyone else’s was to…If [current students] have the opportunity to join a fraternity, I think that’s a rewarding experience. Each fraternity has advisors…you can call on some resources you might not otherwise have. I would encourage them to look into joining a fraternity.”

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