A Toga Party from the 60s to THON '13, here are some top PKT Photos!

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We know many of you are probably sitting on some old photos from your college days and we’re wondering – why not dust off the old photo albums and submit them?

Here are a few top shots we found combing through our archives. 


This photo submitted by Dick Myers ’67 in 2013 is still one of our favorites.

1.  Ed McManic
2.  Walter Kubany
3.  Neal Sullivan                                                
4.  Jack Bernardo
5.  Dick Maxwel                            
6.  Fred Brodzinski
7.  Tony Zalenski, Janet McManic             
8.  Mr. Raleigh
9.            ?                                                                             
10.  Joe Lander
11.  Carmen Penta                                          
12.  Jim McHale
13.  Jim Yaccino, Miss Mosconi  
14.  Bill Green
15.  Jack Mahon                                                               
16.  ?
17.  Kwiffie Smith                                            
18.  Bill Viechnicki
19.  John Zabatta                                                             
20.  John McGowan
21.  Marty McTeigh                                        
22.  Jose de la Torre


Another priceless photo submitted by Dick Myers ’67 in 2013.

1. Tom Wasilowski, Syble Kissel                
2.  Bill Viechnicki
3.  Tony Zalenski, Jannet McMannic        
4.  Vince Perri
5.  Jack Mahon                                                                 
6.  Terry Fleming, Eileen Frawley
7.  Bill Green                                                      
8.  Jim McHale, Bobby
9.  Dan Wessol, Rikki                                                      
10.  Dick Steele,
11. Jim Yacino, Marty Franklin                    
12.  Bob Kukla, Unna
13. Ed McMannic. Irene Sutorka                               
14. Fred Brodzinski 
15. Phil Ferarri                                                                  
16. Jack Gergle
17. Dennis Riccitelli                                                         
18. Dick Myers
19. Phil Shulo                                                                    
20. Tom Clarke, Marty
21. Bill McAlaine,                                                             
22. Jack Bernardo
23. Gene McManus, Pam Gildcress

THON 2013: That year, Phi Kappa Theta switched partners from Gamma Sigma Sigma to the Whiplash dance team. The chapter had the privilege getting to know the Whiplash girls and their THON child, Emma Johnson. During THON weekend, the brotherhood elected Scott Gimber to dance on the floor for Phi Kappa Theta. He danced alongside Whiplash's THON chair Annie Lohmeyer for 46 hours, and Phi Kappa Theta raised a total of $26,991.24

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