No alumni updates since May? That can't be! Submit your alumni news today!

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With over 700 active Phi Kapp alumni spread out across the country, we’d like to know what everyone has been up to this summer!

And since Fall is rapidly approaching, we’d imagine those summer vacations, picnics and parties are about finished. So what did you do with your summer? Go on a trip? Get married? Get a new job? Welcome a baby or grandchild into the world?

Meet up with any fellow brothers like Dave Aufiero ’86, Jeff Thode ’84, Jeff Mucha ’85, Mark Visco ’85, Paul Romig ’85 and Jeff Duncan ’86 did for a golf outing in Orlando, Fla. earlier this year?

If so, your brothers want to hear about it! Alumni updates not only serve as a healthy conduit to fellow Phi Kapps, they also can lead to profiles, alumni event ideas and help strengthen our Phi Kapp bonds nationwide!

Jeff Duncan’s alumni update is the last one that has come in and that was submitted in May! We know there’s plenty going on out there, now just tell us! Submit your alumni updates here!

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