Here are the People That Donated Recently

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Thank you to the following people for all of their support they have shown Phi Kappa Theta!  It is greatly appreciated and we are extremely thankful for all you have done!

**Reflects gifts received as of March 12, 2015**


Philip Schaefer 1948

William F. Polito 1952

Leroy B. Guccini 1952

Walter A. Hall 1953

Bernard J. Dillon Jr. 1954

Joseph H. Hastings 1954

John J. Metzer 1956

William J. Kirsch 1957

James H. Eagen 1958

James B. Zuratt 1958

Steve A. Garban 1959

Dennis J. Uhrin 1959

Robert P. Hrobak 1961

Joseph A. Yuska 1961

John R. Babey 1962

Frank R. Guinan Jr. 1964

Robert E. Maier Jr. 1964

Darrell Stasik 1964

Richard A. McIntyre 1965

Jim P. McHale 1966

Ronald D. Paul RON 1966

Daniel S. Shimko 1966

Francis John Orlosky 1967

Walter M. Wasowski 1967

William W. Campbell 1967

David J. Gondak 1968

Frank E. Apostolico 1968

R. Stan Allsopp Jr. 1970

Richard P. Logue 1971

Jack B. Moody 1971

Gary D. Bollinger 1973

Edward L. Jacobs 1974

Steven F. Wardzinski 1976

Frederic V. Schultz 1977

Thomas J. Kearney 1978

Donald J. Kennel 1978

Roy A. Powell 1979

Gary Earl Augustine 1979

Robert M. Ernst 1979

John H. McCarthy 1979

Charles L. Rothermel 1980

Eugene C. Hermann III 1980

John D. Oliveira 1980

John F. Miller 1982

James P. Flynn 1982

Jack N. Sees 1982

Jeff A. Thode 1984

Bartholomew R. Capristo 1985

James R. Day 1991

Craig A. Dillenbeck 1993

Jeffrey Robert Tranell 2000

Michael Edward Daly 2001

James Zachary Schmoyer 2003

Timothy William Ferro 2004

Douglas B. Miller 2007

Ryan Edward Buratti 2011

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