The Story of the Phi Who Bunny

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One of the more recognizable traditions of Phi Kappa Theta is the house "mascot", the Playboy Bunny. It began in 1967, when Mike Lennon '68, painted a poor semblance of the (in)famous icon of maleness on the chimney of 338 East Fairmount. Brother Lennon's prank was not well received at the time, by the brotherhood, or anyone else for that matter. However, given the lack of motivation to go the roof and actually get rid of it, the bunny stayed in place for a number of years and finally became a point of interest. Such as, "Do you know where Phi Kappa Theta is? Yeah, its' the house with the bunny on the chimney." Acceptance followed and eventually, two brothers came along and did a better job of recreating the Hefner inspired symbol.

The Bunny remained in its place until 1991 when the house was vandalized and an era came to an end. It remained missing until the Spring 2001 semester, when Brothers Agarwal, Astley, and Payne repainted the Phi Who Bunny. It now prominently adorns the fraternity chimney and is quickly becoming a well-known landmark once again. The peak of the Bunny's popularity was in the '70s-'80s, what has become known as the "Phi Who Era". Looking through old scrapbooks, you can find pictures of young women at our house in bikinis and bunny ears, just giving you an idea of how popular it really was. Now, more prolific than ever, the Bunny can still be found at various spots in the house. Even today, the Bunny always appears on the banner for another Phi Who tradition, Beach Party.

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