Why Did You Join Phi Kappa Theta?

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Thank you to John S. Osen '59 for sharing this story.

He writes: "At the time it was Phi Kappa. It was one of two Roman Catholic Fraternities at Penn State. As a young man I was somewhat of a backward kid. My years in the fraternity were important relative to social growth. I still remember those days fondly. I would do many things differently if I could redo college, but that's the result of lifetime experiences. Who had maturity at 19 or 20? My advice for an active brother would be all behaviors have consequences – good or bad. As a fraternity brother, always do the right thing; be kind, walk with a gentle, humble spirit. I'm enjoying my alumni years by meeting a few members of my fraternity along the way. They were younger than me. It was pleasant discussing their experiences v.s. mine in the 50's. Today, I'm presently retired- enjoying my family- grandkids etc. I'm enjoying the accomplishments of my children and grandchildren. Seeing and watching the values my wife and I imparted to them play out. One more thing: While at Penn State we were known as Phi Kaps- this Phi Who is somewhat of an anathema to me, but I realize it is a different time now."

Why did YOU join Phi Kappa Theta? Share your story below.

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