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What's new with Phi Kappa Theta you might ask? Brothers of the Alumni Board have put together a weekly update to keep you informed on philanthropy and social events, community service, upcoming composites, the House, Parents Weekend, Homecoming and more! Write down dates, get in touch with current brothers or alumni, and get excited about what's happening at Phi Kappa Theta!

• Philanthropy
o This past Saturday, 8 of our brothers competed in Sigma Kappas annual Ice Follies tournament and dominated in Broom Ball and walked away with a 1st place win overall in the tournament. Pictures are attached.
o This coming Sunday we will be holding a Super Smash Brothers tournament at the house for the Greeks. The event will be held in the main living area of the house on the ol' N-64. Our Public relations chair made some tank tops for the occasion.
• Community Service
o Coming up in the next few weeks, many brothers will be going to Centre County PAWS to help out and play with homeless and abandoned dogs and cats from the area. This coming Sunday a training session for the community service will be held and we have a good number of brothers that will be attending.
o Brothers will be sending donations for Senior Prom out before the March 30th deadline. Every dollar that is donated equals one hour of service.
• Composite
o The newest composite is currently in production. An estimated finish date is currently unavailable.
• Homecoming
o The date is approaching to select a homecoming partner and we will vote on our partner at the next chapter meeting. The two choices are Sigma Alpha and Omega Phi Alpha. Those two are very interested in us as partners.
• Social
o We are actively working on scheduling champagne brunches with a few sororities and organizations. Some of these brunches should be popping up in the social calendar soon. This Thursday we have a social with Omega Phi Alpha, Friday will be a party with ADpi and some away bars. No scheduled event Saturday thus far.
• Blue and White Weekend
o The weekend of April 20th is set to be the weekend for Blue and White. I will be sending out an email to the alumni regarding this event this week. The email will also probably contain some other updates and information for the alumni.
• Scholastic
o Straight Talk may be March 24th from 6:00 to 7:30 pm. The time may be moved to 6:30 for PAWS participants.
• Inter Murals
o Soccer is coming up soon as the next main sport. Domination is anticipated. Badminton is coming up as well. We will be coming in full force.
• Fire Code
o We completed our fire code inspection last week successfully with no bad marks.
• Greek Week
o This week we will be selecting our themes for our Greek Week socials.
• Parents Weekend
o The weekend of April 6th will be this year's Parents Weekend after Quo Vadis. We will be hosting a BBQ at the house. This weekend an email will be sent out to all of the parents.
• March Madness
o March madness has started and we are having a $15 entry competition in the house. Second place gets their money back and first places gets the pot.

David Schappe

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