Annual Fund Update - February 2019

Annual Fund Update - February 20192018-19 Annual Giving Year         

Thank you to all alumni donors who have already made their gift for the 2018-19 annual fund. As a reminder, the annual fund runs from September 1 through August 31 each year, and supports alumni communications and events, house renovations, and chapter resources on a yearly basis.

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Giving is just a Click Away

Giving is just a Click AwayHelping Our Brothers to Donate Online

Use of the Web has become an everyday fact of life. Most of us aren’t even aware of how dependent we are on it, until something goes wrong. We use it to correspond, to pay bills, make purchases and organize our daily lives. Organizations, from global corporations to the smallest start-up, depend on the internet to reach their clients and advance their objectives. Like ours, all fraternities have their websites, which are invaluable tools for connecting our brothers, disseminating news and raising funds. The ability to donate online has been a boon for most fraternities. The ease of a few clicks to make a donation, as opposed to writing a check and mailing it – a process that can often delay or derail a donation – makes it the ideal method for collecting funds. While most contributors to fraternities do so online, there is a significant minority who don’t. Statistics show that off-line donations tend to be “softer,” with less per capita giving and more lapses in regular giving.  We want to encourage all our brothers to consider giving online.

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Greek Life

Greek LifeCurrent trends shaping the future of Greek life at Penn State

Penn State has been at the center of the debate over the future of Greek life in higher education. With the creation of the Timothy J. Piazza Center for Fraternity and Sorority Research and Reform, the university has made a commitment to leading a national conversation on meaningful reform.

Trends at the chapter level and among alumni associations show a system in flux, working hard to maintain strong connections to Greek life’s founding principles, while finding ways to adapt to new challenges.

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Lost Lists

We're missing contact information of alumni brothers, and need your help to find them. Click below to download a copy of our current lost mailing list or email list. Send our alumni partner, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., your updates.